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Skin and body care products

Skin care products
Nardos A/S develops and manufactures a wide variety of personal care products: shampoos, creams, lotions, and liniments as well as balsams and gels for sore muscles, damaged skin, acne, and many other ailments. The products are manufactured for a large number of Danish and foreign companies and sold under the Nardos label or a private label.

Popular Nardos brand products:

Calendula Balsam
The Calendula Balsam is one of our most popular products. In order to ensure the positive effects of the marigold on a wide spectrum of skin problems we use an oil extract as well as a water soluble extract. The Calendula Balsam relieves dry, rough, and irritated skin. Even some psoriasis patients achieve good results.

Aloe Vera
Our Aloe Vera series contains five products. We always use an organically grown aloe vera meeting the requirements of the International Aloe Vera Science Council. Nardos only uses the pure undiluted juice, which accounts for a very high percentage of the entire product.
Grooming products for livestock and pets
In addition to skin care products of pharmaceutical quality for humans, Nardos also manufactures grooming products for livestock and pets as well as several types of dietetic supplementary feed for dairy cattle. Our veterinary care product lines include a large number of products for udder and skin care, such as natural disinfectors, wound gel, exploration gel, and a wide variety of other innovative products.

Original NJP® Liniment
Since we developed our original NPJ® Liniment for intensive joint and udder care in 1980, the product has been the market leader in Europe. The liniment is based on pure, natural ingredients and contains peppermint oil that is known for improving the blood circulation.

Over the years, Nardosan udder ointment has not only been used for its original purpose, i.e. natural udder care, but also for numerous other purposes where the disinfectant and emollient effect of the ointment is beneficial. It has been used as an ointment for diaper rash, a fatty hand cream for craftsmen, and even as a lubricant in connection with the assembly of discharge pipes as well as saddle grease for cyclists.
Nardos continuously produces various types of dietetic feed supplements for dairy cattle and is registered with the Danish Plant Directorate with reference number208-R862033. The feed supplement is produced for one of the largest Danish veterinary companies.


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