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Packaging for the contract market

Ingredients, packaging and labels are three important factors with regard to sale and marketing of skin and body care products, feed, food, and technical articles.

With us, you will have your say regarding all three factors, and we will do our utmost to help you achieve a good result through our expertise and sparring as well as production equipment, packaging, and labeling. Contact us for further information on options and prices.

Your flexible business partner. When cooperating with Nardos, your imagination is virtually the only limit to the types of tasks that we can solve for you – as long as the products can be produced by heating, stirring, emulsification, and later filled into bottles, tubes, or application tubes. In the event of special packaging requests that may complicate the filling process, Nardos is willing to invest in new machinery that can do the job, provided that the volume and terms of contract make the job viable.

Production – an idea is often enough!

Tell us about your idea and we will help you find the right ingredients. We have a lot of good basic ingredients in stock, but you are also welcome to supply them yourself. You do not need to provide us with an exact formula for your new product. An idea is often enough - then we will help you develop it!

Packaging – from jars to pallet tanks
Nardos offers a wide range of standard packaging, and we are also happy to help you if you want special packaging. You decide whether you want us to deliver the packaging or fill the product into a packaging that you deliver.

The label – your public image!
A label must be an eye catcher – but it has to be legal as well. With Nardos you can both be creative and on the safe side. Create your own artwork or supply a logo and an idea – then we will help you through the process and ensure that all labelling regulations are observed. We have a small range of standard labels in stock and will also be happy to recommend skilled label print shops.

Emulsions for the industry
Nardos A/S has a comprehensive expertise when it comes to the manufacturing of emulsions for the chemical-technical industry.

Alternative release agents
Our alternative release agent for the polyurethane foam industry is a classic Nardos product. Assignments previously calling for "space suits" can now be performed in shirt sleeves, and the release agent can even be used as a good hand lotion! The product has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus and is used for various insulation purposes, for instance in hot water tanks. The product has been used by companies like Maersk Container and Logstor.

From the car industry to milk
We have a lot of experience and comprehensive expertise with regard to emulsions for the chemical-technical industry. Nardos produces and fills hand cleaners for the car industry and we are responsible for the manufacture and filling of Californian Mastitis Test, which is a test kit used for the testing of cell content in milk. Furthermore, we handle the filling of various silicone products, paraffin, petroleum jelly, solvents, etc.


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